8 Best Malaysia Teams fighting for the RM 500,000 glory in Malaysia Esports League Playoff this 24-25 Feb at Midvalley

The best of the best from all the states in the country are now gathered in Kuala Lumpur to battle it out for a spot in the MESL Grand Finals happening 25th February. The eight teams are GeekFam (Kuala Lumpur), Mobile Girls (Pahang), Team 5ive (Kelantan), Team Flash (Kuala Lumpur), Fire Dragoon (Selangor), Team Red Bear formerly known as CCNC (Negeri Sembilan), Team Highground (Malacca) and 818 Esports (Penang).

The Malaysia Esports League will take place at MidValley Exhibiton Centre on the 24th and 25th of February with the RM500,000 prize pool up for grabs.

Some changes have been made to the top 8 teams from the group stage which includes the addition of Team 5ive replacing New Beginning and also the rebranding of Team CCNC to Team Red Bear. The replacement of New Beginning was unavoidable as the team have now disbanded and are unable to participate in the league’s main event in two weeks. Team 5ive, the runner-up of Malaysia Cyber Games Dota 2 Championship will replace New Beginning as they secured the highest points among all the other third-placed teams in the group stage. These Eight teams will now fight for the RM500,000 prize pool put on the line as well as the glory of being crowned the Champions of the first edition of Malaysia Esports League.

Based on the results of the group stage, the top 2 teams for each group have qualified and will be present in the main event. The Playoffs will follow a double elimination format where there will be both an Upper and Lower Bracket. All 8 teams will begin their journey in the upper bracket where the winner will proceed further into the upper bracket while the loser will drop to the lower bracket. All the upper bracket matches will be a best of three except for the Grand Final which will be a best of five with no game advantage.

First two rounds of Lower bracket matches will be a best of one followed by best of three for the rest of the bracket. Teams who find themselves in the first two rounds of the lower bracket are at a high risk of elimination as they face the only part of the main event with a best of one format. Therefore, by the time round 2 of the lower-bracket is over, 4 teams will have been eliminated.

At this point of the tournament however, no team should be overly disappointed as none of them will be going home empty handed. The prize pool distribution lavishly rewards the teams that finish 1st and 2nd. But playoff teams have already secured a top 8 finish which ensures at least RM5000 in winnings – well above most 1st placed finishes at local Dota2 tournaments in the country. The champion will walk away with RM150,000 while the 1st runner-up will secure themselves RM100,000. Below is the prize pool distribution chart.

The main event will begin at 9am on both days with arrival of the teams and gear setups. On both days, before matches, there will be a pre-show and a small commercial break as we settle down for the great Doto that’s coming our way! Below is the full schedule on both days. The complete schedule will also be posted on the MESL Website and Facebook page.

This first edition of MESL will also include two side mini-tournaments which are Mobile Legends and Fifa18 with both tournaments offering a massive RM 20,000 as their prize pool respectively. If you’re not into DotA2 but a really good Fifa18, this is also a time for you to shine! Make some calls and gather your squads as we bring this two popular games alongside MESL main event. The top 64 players for Fifa18 will walk away with cash prizes and the Champion will be awarded RM 6000! The success and quality of this mini-tournament are expected to be very high as it will be co-organized alongside KITAMEN!

For FIFA 18 tournament, you can click here to register!

For Mobile Legends tournament, you can click here to register!

If you are around Kuala Lumpur, Selangor or anywhere nearby, is there any free transport provided? YES!! There will be a free shuttle bus service from Bangsar LRT Station to Mid Valley from 8am until 11pm. Do no worry if transportation is an issue because we got you covered! Below is an infographic on the provided shuttle service and also relevant public transport information for planning your travel.

For those who can’t make it to the event, we got you covered as well! You can still join the fun as there will be a full broadcast of the event on both Twitch and Facebook. It will be also broadcasted live on EGG Network Channel 808 in HD! You won’t miss anything while still being in the comfort of your home! We invite you to join the fun online on twitch and use ‘#teamname’ to show your support. Below are the links that you should bookmark right now!

The hype is real and it’s getting intense! So are you ready for the first edition of the Malaysia Esports League? I hope you are because this is just the beginning as we unveil and discover talent that could be the one to claim back The Aegis of the Immortal!

Victory in a Vessel!

From previous articles on the forgotten heroes of MESL and Rise of Medusa, we now see Drow Ranger and Medusa been one of the first pick, first ban heroes alongside Bane and Chaos Knight. Since the release of the new patch, we have been just talking about heroes, skill changes, talent tree and how it has affected MESL in general right? However, there’s one thing that we kinda didn’t really touch much, the new items of 7.07. With the arrival of two annoying but fun new heroes, there are also five new items added to the game. Today I wanna focus more on one particular item that been a beast last few weeks and after reading this, I hope you will start asking your teammate to get this particular item every single game you play!!

Well, how good is “beast mode”? 75% win rate in MESL where it was purchased 16 times out of the 18 games played last 3 weeks. If you are thinking of Kaya, then you’re wrong!!! I love that item, but it’s not about kaya or butter today! It’s the Spirit Vessel!!

“Spirit vessel? That expensive shity item”

Heard that a few times from some haters. Haters gonna hate but you and me, we both know!!! Numbers never lie and I got did the math down below! Read this until the end alright or I will be super sad because I freakin used Microsoft Excel for this! xD

So, what is spirit vessel and is it that expensive and worthless? Glad you asked! Figure 1 & 2 below is taken from Dotabuff.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Basically, Spirit Vessel is an upgraded version of Urn of Shadows with an added movement speed and bonus health. Urn was nerfed this patch when the pure damage debuff was changed to magical damage + reduced healing and some players started to lose faith in this item altogether ever since. However, with this new upgrade to Urn of Shadows, the faith has come back! Not because of the added movement speed or the add bonus health but because of its active component, Soul Release!

Soul Release
When soul release is used against enemies, it reduces health by 3.0% of current health per second and reduces HP regeneration and healing by 70% while dealing 20 damage per second. This offensive component if soul release is the best counter for you Cancerous Pub Star Necrophos and Alchemist.
Below are comparisons of Alchemist Health Regen with and without Soul Release Debuff when Chemical Rage is activated.

Figure 3

Figure 4

From the Figure 3 and Figure 4, we can see a drop of 62 Health Regeneration when Soul Release is activated on enemy Alchemist and a total of 330 damage is done over 8 seconds. A direct counter for heroes that regen too much in team fights such as Alchemist, Necrophos and also Timbersaw! Besides, this reduction of healing will also hurt heroes that have spell lifesteal talents and also octarine core carries as it will also reduce the healing from that source. Some of the heroes that will be heavily affected by this include Queen, Tinker, Bristleback, Viper etc.

When used on allies, it increases health by 1.0% of current health per second and increases HP regeneration and healing by 20%. Provides 35 health regeneration per second. Below are the comparison of Centaur Warrunner Health Regen with and without Soul Release Debuff when Naga Siren with Aghanim’s Scepter ultimate is activated for four seconds,

Figure 5

Figure 6


From figure 5 and 6, we can see a total of extra 823 Health Regen due to the Soul Release Buff. This huge amount of heal is due to the extra 20% heal buff from Soul Release interacting with the 10% max health regeneration from Song of the Siren. Thus instead of 572 regeneration per second, Centaur heals 686 per second just from the 20% extra healing.

Excel formula theoretical value will be :

(A1*1.01)+(0.12*5720) and  (A1*1.01)+(0.1*5720)

where A1=1 since we started the experiment with Centaur HP = 1

*sorry the math is super confusing hehe*

Bonus Info time!! Do the math and compare the health difference between figures 7 & 8below when Morphling morphs from 0 strength to max strength at level 25, with and without Soul Release debuff,

Figure 7

Figure 8

Why this matter so much? The answer is simple. With this item, certain heroes (healing heroes) will benefit much more from it and kinda help them to emerge in this meta. Some heroes have already emerged and been abusing this item lately such as Undying, Witch Doctor, Omniknight and even Dazzle. We haven’t seen much Dazzle in MESL but I believe that soon, teams going to realize the potential of this particular item and make a good use of it alongside him. Out of 16 games, this item was purchased in MESL, 13 out of it was purchased by the roaming support that benefits from Urn at the early stages of the game and benefits more from the Spirit Vessel during the later stages of the game. Could this be the best item on roaming support? The stat says that. Even roaming tusk is buying it for the offensive part of the Soul Release.

There are a few downside to this item but it is not that critical. Firstly, basic dispel will remove the Soul Release and they are multiple items that can remove the effect which includes BKB, Manta and Lotus Orb. Forcing enemy to dispel soul release using manta or a BKB is not that bad as follow up silence can actually kill enemy heroes. Secondly, like Urn, charges are needed to make use of this item. Without charges, this item is a complete waste of gold to spend on.

Thirdly, the price. I am really against it though. For 2.8k, you getting decent health bonus, added movement speed and a chance to save an ally or kill an enemy. A perfect item for a roaming support right?! Remember, like Urn, it is recommended to just have one Spirit Vessel per team as you cannot get 2 separate charges from one kill. See, powerful or not?

So what you think about this item? Are you gonna buy one in your next game? If you are, let me know how the game went and if this article was helpful!

This article is inspired by GeekFam.Playhard and HighGround.Playhouse! Shout-out to both of them! =)

Written by Partibhan @onthego

Rise Of The Gorgon

After 5 weeks of the group stages, finally, Medusa decided to show her face in MESL 2017 and already breaking multiple records as we speak. With four picks in two days, Medusa now has 100% win rate with the highest KDA of 33 and second highest GPM of 718.50 of the whole league. What made medusa so big and powerful out from nowhere?  Here in this article, we will discuss more on that and if you guys like this article and wanna know who can actually stand and fight her before she transforms you into stone, comment below and I will write one up as well. PS It’s not Mr.AntiMage!

In a patch where Antimage been dominating since day one on 7.07, it is totally absurd to even think of Medusa since AM is known to be the number one counter for this snake lady. However, the win rate of Antimage against Medusa in MESL is 0% so far and only 51.15 % in pubs compared to 56.09 % in 7.06d.

Known to be one of the strongest ultra late carry, winning a game against a 6 slotted Medusa is close to impossible. However, the fact that it is super hard for her to reach that point was the main reason Medusa kinda fell out from the previous meta. Games getting shorter and jungle farming getting more and more dangerous business to do due to vision talent upgrades for multiple heroes make Medusa’s life much harder. So what made her viable this particular patch? Glad you asked!! We will talk on two main points here in this article,

(1)    Split Shot Rework

(2)    New Talent Tree Changes

In the latest patch, we saw some minor yet powerful changes on split shot. Now it is no longer an active skill but a passive with a constant number of additional targets with an increasing percentage of damage to her secondary targets. The best part is, her primary target will take a full damage from her attacks without any reductions. This implies that her damage output when there is fewer enemies or creeps is much bigger which will allow her to clear waves and neutral creeps much faster. In addition, it is a very slim possibility for Medusa to actually hit all five enemy heroes in a team fight which make this change more to a beneficial one than a nerf.

Medusa’s latest talent changes is a straight up buff for this hero overall.

Level 10: Evasion been increased from 10% to 12%

Level 15: Attack speed been increased from +20 to +30

Level 20: Bonus Mana been increased from +500 to +800

Level 25: Gives additional seven split shot target for additional pushing power or the ability for Split Shot to get full benefits of Attack Modifiers

Being able to utilize attack modifiers and apply status effects makes Medusa a huge late-game terror. With Eye of Skadi equipped, she can now slow 4 targets simultaneously and with Satanic equipped, she now heals 81.25% of her attack damage from the passive alone. For a hero that is already hard to take down, that amount heals per attack will make this hero literally unkillable in a late game scenario.

This 7.07 Medusa farms much faster, deal more damage to the primary target, and no longer a burden for the team for the first 30 minutes of the game. As the game goes to its later stages, she gets even more durable and the fact that 4 targets will be affected by the attack modifiers makes Medusa one of the scariest hero this patch.  At level 25, it is near impossible to kill her and the only way is to completely chain stun her until she dies or she will just heal back up from the split shot lifesteal alone. Her win rate? Let this graph speak for itself!

Last weekend in MESL many questioned if Medusa was the real reason Geek Fam and Team Fire Dragoon won their games. Well indirectly, yes! Running Medusa forced the opponent teams to go for AM that need time and space to farm up to be a problem for Medusa. Picking AM against Medusa is no longer the best decision as Medusa now farms at a faster rate compared to AM and she can fight early on even with a level 1 stone gaze. Secondly, running Medusa mid gives freedom to supports to focus on other lanes as Medusa is quite a solid mid hero. We can see this in the game where FD.AhJit was playing safe lane Shadow Fiend that rekt the lane thanks to the constant rotation by the supports. Medusa requires much lesser babysitting as all she needs is good vision around mid lane. In addition, she’s quite passive in mid lane and not the best lane for her team to gank and secure a kill. Thirdly, playing against Medusa kinda require you to think about how to kill her from T minus one! Going into the game with this mentality is never good and that is what Medusa brings to the table!

So, if you thinking of increasing your MMR before the new rank system is up, might as well do it with Medusa before the Frog makes the Snake useless again!

Do you agree with what I said or do you have anything to add on? Leave a comment below and I will definitely reply you guys! Peace!

Written by Partibhan @dota2onthego

The Forgotten Heroes Of MESL

Written by onthego. Follow his Instagram here

With the landing of 7.07 and 7.07b less than 2 weeks ago, some of the old forgotten heroes of Dota2 have again emerged to be part of the war between Dire and Radiant once again. Multiple reworks on a few heroes and mind-blowing talent changes kinda allow may heroes to be played in a variety of roles and indirectly changed the way the game is played. Some are saying that Icefrog was high on coffee when he was doing the changes as there are people who think some of this talent changes are too ridiculous and overpowered. Nevertheless, we have to agree with one thing, “The ancients are not gonna defend themselves and the war between the two fragments have to continue”.

Speaking of the new patch, we now have 12 ban slots instead of 10 in the previous patch and most of the “green cancerous” heroes are not as powerful as the last patch. I repeat, MOST are not. Veno is still a pain! Nerf him already! With this new patch, we witness the return of classic Ultra Late Game Carries to be back in the meta. With games ending much earlier in the previous patch, it will be a true struggle for position 2 and position 3 for every team to delay the game to create space for these Ultra Late Game Carries to come online. However, compared to the last few patches that Ultra Late Game Carries strived where it is a really time-dependent game, this patch is much more different, easier and less time-dependent for these carries. With the introduction of talent tree that give basic needs of certain heroes from additional damage, addition armour that is crucial for Mask of Madness carriers, cleave on attacks, additional HP etc. With these talents, heroes now have the option to skip certain early game items and focus straight on core items that allow them to come and contribute early on.

Since there is an emergence of these Ultra Late Game Heroes, their counter is also indirectly back in the meta. However, for some weird reason, these heroes are totally forgotten by the most team that’s participating the Malaysian E-Sport League (MESL). In this article, we will choose a few heroes that we think should be considered in future games and why. If you have anything that you guys wanna add on or don’t agree with, COMMENT below and let’s have a discussion! =D

Let’s first talk about the heroes that we think are the go-to pick this patch.(I will pick 3)

(a) Sven
Sven has always been in the meta and he’s just super strong, straightforward hero. Ability to flash farm, good ancient clearer, massive strength gain from his ultimate and the OVERPOWERED Warcry! Why is warcry overpowered now compared to the previous patches? Well, you can no longer remove it with a diffusal blade. If Sven was a surprise pick and your team have no one that could dispel buffs, well good luck. Secondly, the strength gains from his ultimate. With 7.07 introducing Status Resistance, his massive strength gain during his ultimate will reduce the ability for the opponents to kite him in fights (something that sven suffers from, getting kited).

(b) Chaos Knight
Strongest illusion based hero in the game with multiple ways to get enemies close to him, Chaos Knight is now a terror in most team fights in this patch. Although unable to flash farm, he has a GPM talent at level 20 and since his one of the few carries in the game that have the ability to be relevant early on, getting to level 20 fast is never an issue for this Knight. Good tower pusher, awesome initiator, big strength gain and build in lifesteal and crit. Chaos is no longer a situational pick but a phase one ban/pick hero. Some would still say that his illusion can be easily destroyed, but CK is no longer that guy that’s 100% relying on Phantasm.

(c) Bane
Bane is a little tricky. Some teams are picking him as a core and some are not. His talent is great and super worthy to be picked or banned in the first phase. Annoying in lanes, strong in lanes and very viable lockdown in the late game, as Fiend’s Grip, do pierce magic immunity.

So we see some of these high damage dealers are back in meta and this kinda allow their counter to be relevant as well. However, the counters for these heroes are actually never been picked this whole tournament. Who am I talking about? Let’s choose another 3 heroes. The forgotten heroes of MESL!

(a) Axe
Blink, call, blademail. Nightmare for Sven, CK and most hard hitters. If euls is the problem, other teammates can actually deal with that. With attacking procs counter helix talent, Axe is super scary, pure damage dealer with massive magical damage output with battle hunger when he’s level 25! Perfect package.

(b) Abbadon
Great counter to bane as he makes bane completely irrelevant in the game. Six-second cooldown spell that can remove a 100-second cooldown ultimate! Now, that’s what I call VALUE. Powerful in team fights and with Aghanim upgrade, 50% damage reduction for the entire team. How are teams not picking The Lord of Avernus?!

(c) Drow Ranger
With so many puck picks throughout MESL and a small number of visage picks, it is also super odd that Drow never been picked in last 56 matches. With buff on marksmanship and also precision aura, how are teams not taking this opportunity to abuse this classic range hero combo and early push strategy?


This article has been a bit too long. If you survived until this part, YAY!!! I will keep it short from here. Last 4 weeks here in MESL been showcasing some of the best Dota in Malaysia and this is not the end yet. With teams experimenting and trying out new stuff every week, we can actually see the growth of teams and this is very encouraging for the community itself. Why are they not picking these heroes? Well, they must have their own reason right? I do believe that! However, I hope these heroes will actually be picked soon and we can see more variety of heroes and gameplay. Do you agree with what I said or do you have anything to add on? Leave a comment below and I will definitely reply you guys! Peace!