8 Best Malaysia Teams fighting for the RM 500,000 glory in Malaysia Esports League Playoff this 24-25 Feb at Midvalley

The best of the best from all the states in the country are now gathered in Kuala Lumpur to battle it out for a spot in the MESL Grand Finals happening 25th February. The eight teams are GeekFam (Kuala Lumpur), Mobile Girls (Pahang), Team 5ive (Kelantan), Team Flash (Kuala Lumpur), Fire Dragoon (Selangor), Team Red Bear formerly known as CCNC (Negeri Sembilan), Team Highground (Malacca) and 818 Esports (Penang).

The Malaysia Esports League will take place at MidValley Exhibiton Centre on the 24th and 25th of February with the RM500,000 prize pool up for grabs.

Some changes have been made to the top 8 teams from the group stage which includes the addition of Team 5ive replacing New Beginning and also the rebranding of Team CCNC to Team Red Bear. The replacement of New Beginning was unavoidable as the team have now disbanded and are unable to participate in the league’s main event in two weeks. Team 5ive, the runner-up of Malaysia Cyber Games Dota 2 Championship will replace New Beginning as they secured the highest points among all the other third-placed teams in the group stage. These Eight teams will now fight for the RM500,000 prize pool put on the line as well as the glory of being crowned the Champions of the first edition of Malaysia Esports League.

Based on the results of the group stage, the top 2 teams for each group have qualified and will be present in the main event. The Playoffs will follow a double elimination format where there will be both an Upper and Lower Bracket. All 8 teams will begin their journey in the upper bracket where the winner will proceed further into the upper bracket while the loser will drop to the lower bracket. All the upper bracket matches will be a best of three except for the Grand Final which will be a best of five with no game advantage.

First two rounds of Lower bracket matches will be a best of one followed by best of three for the rest of the bracket. Teams who find themselves in the first two rounds of the lower bracket are at a high risk of elimination as they face the only part of the main event with a best of one format. Therefore, by the time round 2 of the lower-bracket is over, 4 teams will have been eliminated.

At this point of the tournament however, no team should be overly disappointed as none of them will be going home empty handed. The prize pool distribution lavishly rewards the teams that finish 1st and 2nd. But playoff teams have already secured a top 8 finish which ensures at least RM5000 in winnings – well above most 1st placed finishes at local Dota2 tournaments in the country. The champion will walk away with RM150,000 while the 1st runner-up will secure themselves RM100,000. Below is the prize pool distribution chart.

The main event will begin at 9am on both days with arrival of the teams and gear setups. On both days, before matches, there will be a pre-show and a small commercial break as we settle down for the great Doto that’s coming our way! Below is the full schedule on both days. The complete schedule will also be posted on the MESL Website and Facebook page.

This first edition of MESL will also include two side mini-tournaments which are Mobile Legends and Fifa18 with both tournaments offering a massive RM 20,000 as their prize pool respectively. If you’re not into DotA2 but a really good Fifa18, this is also a time for you to shine! Make some calls and gather your squads as we bring this two popular games alongside MESL main event. The top 64 players for Fifa18 will walk away with cash prizes and the Champion will be awarded RM 6000! The success and quality of this mini-tournament are expected to be very high as it will be co-organized alongside KITAMEN!

For FIFA 18 tournament, you can click here to register!

For Mobile Legends tournament, you can click here to register!

If you are around Kuala Lumpur, Selangor or anywhere nearby, is there any free transport provided? YES!! There will be a free shuttle bus service from Bangsar LRT Station to Mid Valley from 8am until 11pm. Do no worry if transportation is an issue because we got you covered! Below is an infographic on the provided shuttle service and also relevant public transport information for planning your travel.

For those who can’t make it to the event, we got you covered as well! You can still join the fun as there will be a full broadcast of the event on both Twitch and Facebook. It will be also broadcasted live on EGG Network Channel 808 in HD! You won’t miss anything while still being in the comfort of your home! We invite you to join the fun online on twitch and use ‘#teamname’ to show your support. Below are the links that you should bookmark right now!

The hype is real and it’s getting intense! So are you ready for the first edition of the Malaysia Esports League? I hope you are because this is just the beginning as we unveil and discover talent that could be the one to claim back The Aegis of the Immortal!

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