Victory in a Vessel!

From previous articles on the forgotten heroes of MESL and Rise of Medusa, we now see Drow Ranger and Medusa been one of the first pick, first ban heroes alongside Bane and Chaos Knight. Since the release of the new patch, we have been just talking about heroes, skill changes, talent tree and how it has affected MESL in general right? However, there’s one thing that we kinda didn’t really touch much, the new items of 7.07. With the arrival of two annoying but fun new heroes, there are also five new items added to the game. Today I wanna focus more on one particular item that been a beast last few weeks and after reading this, I hope you will start asking your teammate to get this particular item every single game you play!!

Well, how good is “beast mode”? 75% win rate in MESL where it was purchased 16 times out of the 18 games played last 3 weeks. If you are thinking of Kaya, then you’re wrong!!! I love that item, but it’s not about kaya or butter today! It’s the Spirit Vessel!!

“Spirit vessel? That expensive shity item”

Heard that a few times from some haters. Haters gonna hate but you and me, we both know!!! Numbers never lie and I got did the math down below! Read this until the end alright or I will be super sad because I freakin used Microsoft Excel for this! xD

So, what is spirit vessel and is it that expensive and worthless? Glad you asked! Figure 1 & 2 below is taken from Dotabuff.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Basically, Spirit Vessel is an upgraded version of Urn of Shadows with an added movement speed and bonus health. Urn was nerfed this patch when the pure damage debuff was changed to magical damage + reduced healing and some players started to lose faith in this item altogether ever since. However, with this new upgrade to Urn of Shadows, the faith has come back! Not because of the added movement speed or the add bonus health but because of its active component, Soul Release!

Soul Release
When soul release is used against enemies, it reduces health by 3.0% of current health per second and reduces HP regeneration and healing by 70% while dealing 20 damage per second. This offensive component if soul release is the best counter for you Cancerous Pub Star Necrophos and Alchemist.
Below are comparisons of Alchemist Health Regen with and without Soul Release Debuff when Chemical Rage is activated.

Figure 3

Figure 4

From the Figure 3 and Figure 4, we can see a drop of 62 Health Regeneration when Soul Release is activated on enemy Alchemist and a total of 330 damage is done over 8 seconds. A direct counter for heroes that regen too much in team fights such as Alchemist, Necrophos and also Timbersaw! Besides, this reduction of healing will also hurt heroes that have spell lifesteal talents and also octarine core carries as it will also reduce the healing from that source. Some of the heroes that will be heavily affected by this include Queen, Tinker, Bristleback, Viper etc.

When used on allies, it increases health by 1.0% of current health per second and increases HP regeneration and healing by 20%. Provides 35 health regeneration per second. Below are the comparison of Centaur Warrunner Health Regen with and without Soul Release Debuff when Naga Siren with Aghanim’s Scepter ultimate is activated for four seconds,

Figure 5

Figure 6


From figure 5 and 6, we can see a total of extra 823 Health Regen due to the Soul Release Buff. This huge amount of heal is due to the extra 20% heal buff from Soul Release interacting with the 10% max health regeneration from Song of the Siren. Thus instead of 572 regeneration per second, Centaur heals 686 per second just from the 20% extra healing.

Excel formula theoretical value will be :

(A1*1.01)+(0.12*5720) and  (A1*1.01)+(0.1*5720)

where A1=1 since we started the experiment with Centaur HP = 1

*sorry the math is super confusing hehe*

Bonus Info time!! Do the math and compare the health difference between figures 7 & 8below when Morphling morphs from 0 strength to max strength at level 25, with and without Soul Release debuff,

Figure 7

Figure 8

Why this matter so much? The answer is simple. With this item, certain heroes (healing heroes) will benefit much more from it and kinda help them to emerge in this meta. Some heroes have already emerged and been abusing this item lately such as Undying, Witch Doctor, Omniknight and even Dazzle. We haven’t seen much Dazzle in MESL but I believe that soon, teams going to realize the potential of this particular item and make a good use of it alongside him. Out of 16 games, this item was purchased in MESL, 13 out of it was purchased by the roaming support that benefits from Urn at the early stages of the game and benefits more from the Spirit Vessel during the later stages of the game. Could this be the best item on roaming support? The stat says that. Even roaming tusk is buying it for the offensive part of the Soul Release.

There are a few downside to this item but it is not that critical. Firstly, basic dispel will remove the Soul Release and they are multiple items that can remove the effect which includes BKB, Manta and Lotus Orb. Forcing enemy to dispel soul release using manta or a BKB is not that bad as follow up silence can actually kill enemy heroes. Secondly, like Urn, charges are needed to make use of this item. Without charges, this item is a complete waste of gold to spend on.

Thirdly, the price. I am really against it though. For 2.8k, you getting decent health bonus, added movement speed and a chance to save an ally or kill an enemy. A perfect item for a roaming support right?! Remember, like Urn, it is recommended to just have one Spirit Vessel per team as you cannot get 2 separate charges from one kill. See, powerful or not?

So what you think about this item? Are you gonna buy one in your next game? If you are, let me know how the game went and if this article was helpful!

This article is inspired by GeekFam.Playhard and HighGround.Playhouse! Shout-out to both of them! =)

Written by Partibhan @onthego

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