The Forgotten Heroes Of MESL

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With the landing of 7.07 and 7.07b less than 2 weeks ago, some of the old forgotten heroes of Dota2 have again emerged to be part of the war between Dire and Radiant once again. Multiple reworks on a few heroes and mind-blowing talent changes kinda allow may heroes to be played in a variety of roles and indirectly changed the way the game is played. Some are saying that Icefrog was high on coffee when he was doing the changes as there are people who think some of this talent changes are too ridiculous and overpowered. Nevertheless, we have to agree with one thing, “The ancients are not gonna defend themselves and the war between the two fragments have to continue”.

Speaking of the new patch, we now have 12 ban slots instead of 10 in the previous patch and most of the “green cancerous” heroes are not as powerful as the last patch. I repeat, MOST are not. Veno is still a pain! Nerf him already! With this new patch, we witness the return of classic Ultra Late Game Carries to be back in the meta. With games ending much earlier in the previous patch, it will be a true struggle for position 2 and position 3 for every team to delay the game to create space for these Ultra Late Game Carries to come online. However, compared to the last few patches that Ultra Late Game Carries strived where it is a really time-dependent game, this patch is much more different, easier and less time-dependent for these carries. With the introduction of talent tree that give basic needs of certain heroes from additional damage, addition armour that is crucial for Mask of Madness carriers, cleave on attacks, additional HP etc. With these talents, heroes now have the option to skip certain early game items and focus straight on core items that allow them to come and contribute early on.

Since there is an emergence of these Ultra Late Game Heroes, their counter is also indirectly back in the meta. However, for some weird reason, these heroes are totally forgotten by the most team that’s participating the Malaysian E-Sport League (MESL). In this article, we will choose a few heroes that we think should be considered in future games and why. If you have anything that you guys wanna add on or don’t agree with, COMMENT below and let’s have a discussion! =D

Let’s first talk about the heroes that we think are the go-to pick this patch.(I will pick 3)

(a) Sven
Sven has always been in the meta and he’s just super strong, straightforward hero. Ability to flash farm, good ancient clearer, massive strength gain from his ultimate and the OVERPOWERED Warcry! Why is warcry overpowered now compared to the previous patches? Well, you can no longer remove it with a diffusal blade. If Sven was a surprise pick and your team have no one that could dispel buffs, well good luck. Secondly, the strength gains from his ultimate. With 7.07 introducing Status Resistance, his massive strength gain during his ultimate will reduce the ability for the opponents to kite him in fights (something that sven suffers from, getting kited).

(b) Chaos Knight
Strongest illusion based hero in the game with multiple ways to get enemies close to him, Chaos Knight is now a terror in most team fights in this patch. Although unable to flash farm, he has a GPM talent at level 20 and since his one of the few carries in the game that have the ability to be relevant early on, getting to level 20 fast is never an issue for this Knight. Good tower pusher, awesome initiator, big strength gain and build in lifesteal and crit. Chaos is no longer a situational pick but a phase one ban/pick hero. Some would still say that his illusion can be easily destroyed, but CK is no longer that guy that’s 100% relying on Phantasm.

(c) Bane
Bane is a little tricky. Some teams are picking him as a core and some are not. His talent is great and super worthy to be picked or banned in the first phase. Annoying in lanes, strong in lanes and very viable lockdown in the late game, as Fiend’s Grip, do pierce magic immunity.

So we see some of these high damage dealers are back in meta and this kinda allow their counter to be relevant as well. However, the counters for these heroes are actually never been picked this whole tournament. Who am I talking about? Let’s choose another 3 heroes. The forgotten heroes of MESL!

(a) Axe
Blink, call, blademail. Nightmare for Sven, CK and most hard hitters. If euls is the problem, other teammates can actually deal with that. With attacking procs counter helix talent, Axe is super scary, pure damage dealer with massive magical damage output with battle hunger when he’s level 25! Perfect package.

(b) Abbadon
Great counter to bane as he makes bane completely irrelevant in the game. Six-second cooldown spell that can remove a 100-second cooldown ultimate! Now, that’s what I call VALUE. Powerful in team fights and with Aghanim upgrade, 50% damage reduction for the entire team. How are teams not picking The Lord of Avernus?!

(c) Drow Ranger
With so many puck picks throughout MESL and a small number of visage picks, it is also super odd that Drow never been picked in last 56 matches. With buff on marksmanship and also precision aura, how are teams not taking this opportunity to abuse this classic range hero combo and early push strategy?


This article has been a bit too long. If you survived until this part, YAY!!! I will keep it short from here. Last 4 weeks here in MESL been showcasing some of the best Dota in Malaysia and this is not the end yet. With teams experimenting and trying out new stuff every week, we can actually see the growth of teams and this is very encouraging for the community itself. Why are they not picking these heroes? Well, they must have their own reason right? I do believe that! However, I hope these heroes will actually be picked soon and we can see more variety of heroes and gameplay. Do you agree with what I said or do you have anything to add on? Leave a comment below and I will definitely reply you guys! Peace!



  1. For me they didn’t pick axe coz therey can pick shadow demon as a counter hero,and also i agree with sven still OP hero with his warcry.and for me DR wasn’t really a good pick for this patch,you need perfect draft to make the early push strategy work,bcz now they have 10 bane so they probably can read ur strategy and ban it,they can pick DR instead or ban it.that’s my opini sorry for my bad english 😀

  2. I would like to give opinion about drow. I think valve intended to encourage people playing drow with difference style. Talent is now full of ‘gust’ buff. And 25 talent with 50% cd reduction is less likely to be picked due drow is not ‘caster’ type carry, but with manta,sb,and other active item for carry, imagine her late potential. And her gust is annoying all the time

  3. I agree with almost everything u said, with 7.07c just coming out, I would of put tiny on that list but he got nerfed. I think that necrophos is still powerful but isn’t as good at mid as before because of the aoe of his passive. With shadow fiend and templar assassin getting great buffs, I think they would comeback into the meta. Ember spirit also got a good buff which will keep him popular. A lot of games this is patch have been stomps or long games which makes Heros that have powerspikes I’m both the early game and late game really strong. Though it is only the start of 7.07c, so anything could happened. Also for the chaos knight part, u wrote build instead of built. I am no analyst but this is what’s Heros could be very good in this new patch.

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