Rise Of The Gorgon

After 5 weeks of the group stages, finally, Medusa decided to show her face in MESL 2017 and already breaking multiple records as we speak. With four picks in two days, Medusa now has 100% win rate with the highest KDA of 33 and second highest GPM of 718.50 of the whole league. What made medusa so big and powerful out from nowhere?  Here in this article, we will discuss more on that and if you guys like this article and wanna know who can actually stand and fight her before she transforms you into stone, comment below and I will write one up as well. PS It’s not Mr.AntiMage!

In a patch where Antimage been dominating since day one on 7.07, it is totally absurd to even think of Medusa since AM is known to be the number one counter for this snake lady. However, the win rate of Antimage against Medusa in MESL is 0% so far and only 51.15 % in pubs compared to 56.09 % in 7.06d.

Known to be one of the strongest ultra late carry, winning a game against a 6 slotted Medusa is close to impossible. However, the fact that it is super hard for her to reach that point was the main reason Medusa kinda fell out from the previous meta. Games getting shorter and jungle farming getting more and more dangerous business to do due to vision talent upgrades for multiple heroes make Medusa’s life much harder. So what made her viable this particular patch? Glad you asked!! We will talk on two main points here in this article,

(1)    Split Shot Rework

(2)    New Talent Tree Changes

In the latest patch, we saw some minor yet powerful changes on split shot. Now it is no longer an active skill but a passive with a constant number of additional targets with an increasing percentage of damage to her secondary targets. The best part is, her primary target will take a full damage from her attacks without any reductions. This implies that her damage output when there is fewer enemies or creeps is much bigger which will allow her to clear waves and neutral creeps much faster. In addition, it is a very slim possibility for Medusa to actually hit all five enemy heroes in a team fight which make this change more to a beneficial one than a nerf.

Medusa’s latest talent changes is a straight up buff for this hero overall.

Level 10: Evasion been increased from 10% to 12%

Level 15: Attack speed been increased from +20 to +30

Level 20: Bonus Mana been increased from +500 to +800

Level 25: Gives additional seven split shot target for additional pushing power or the ability for Split Shot to get full benefits of Attack Modifiers

Being able to utilize attack modifiers and apply status effects makes Medusa a huge late-game terror. With Eye of Skadi equipped, she can now slow 4 targets simultaneously and with Satanic equipped, she now heals 81.25% of her attack damage from the passive alone. For a hero that is already hard to take down, that amount heals per attack will make this hero literally unkillable in a late game scenario.

This 7.07 Medusa farms much faster, deal more damage to the primary target, and no longer a burden for the team for the first 30 minutes of the game. As the game goes to its later stages, she gets even more durable and the fact that 4 targets will be affected by the attack modifiers makes Medusa one of the scariest hero this patch.  At level 25, it is near impossible to kill her and the only way is to completely chain stun her until she dies or she will just heal back up from the split shot lifesteal alone. Her win rate? Let this graph speak for itself!

Last weekend in MESL many questioned if Medusa was the real reason Geek Fam and Team Fire Dragoon won their games. Well indirectly, yes! Running Medusa forced the opponent teams to go for AM that need time and space to farm up to be a problem for Medusa. Picking AM against Medusa is no longer the best decision as Medusa now farms at a faster rate compared to AM and she can fight early on even with a level 1 stone gaze. Secondly, running Medusa mid gives freedom to supports to focus on other lanes as Medusa is quite a solid mid hero. We can see this in the game where FD.AhJit was playing safe lane Shadow Fiend that rekt the lane thanks to the constant rotation by the supports. Medusa requires much lesser babysitting as all she needs is good vision around mid lane. In addition, she’s quite passive in mid lane and not the best lane for her team to gank and secure a kill. Thirdly, playing against Medusa kinda require you to think about how to kill her from T minus one! Going into the game with this mentality is never good and that is what Medusa brings to the table!

So, if you thinking of increasing your MMR before the new rank system is up, might as well do it with Medusa before the Frog makes the Snake useless again!

Do you agree with what I said or do you have anything to add on? Leave a comment below and I will definitely reply you guys! Peace!

Written by Partibhan @dota2onthego


  1. Totally agreed ! Yes medusa is a hard counter hero now.. especially when u play in SEA, enemy picked medusa + your team got injoker(for sure first pick in SEA) that feed medusa + blamer everywhere + u picked AM with no support in the team(its normal in SEA) and for sure u will be blame.. “noob carry” “report our carry” “rtz wanna be”.. all that words is a must in SEA.. so gaben, pls nerf it.. LOL

  2. Medusa have been well known as comeback queen. She could come back any game as long as able to get the items she needed. Have to agree with that point, she can handle a lane all by herself. Icefrog is making a monster tbh, requiring 4 or 5 heroes to gank in the post phrase of the game. but there is still some weakness of the hero, Cs is an essential skill for the user, and of course, it still takes sometime to farm. as long as frequently disturb her tempo, and the game patch so far still encourage player to have more wars, this makes ganking medusa will be a good thing to do. MORE WARS less farm. sorry Burning, this is still not your patch. xD

  3. I totally agree. Even without changes medusa is hard enough to kill. now with passive split shot and talent changes on 7.07, AM without proper farming and constantly ganked will definitely lose against medusa with gaze and 3rd skill. For me, one of the counters would be lion’s mana drain, nyx’s mana burn, or dps skills. because without that, full farmed medusa with proper support almost unstoppable.

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